10 Top Budget Travel Tips For Tokyo and Japan

Tokyo on a Budget

You’re coming to Tokyo but you don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money. Follow these tips to help you keep within your budget and have a great vacation!

  • Trains – Rail fares on local trains are not expensive in Japan. My train route to work costs me 250 yen. This is just over 1 British pound or 2 US dollars. The same distance in the UK on London transport would cost me around 5 pounds.
    cheap flights
    When you get here use the local train system as much as you can to reduce your travel costs.
  • Rail Pass – Planning on traveling across country from Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka or other major destinations? Consider buying a Rail Pass. Note that the Pass can only be bought from your home country before landing in Japan. The great advantage of a Rail Pass is that it can be used on the shinkansen / bullet train along with all other JR lines including local. Pay one price and have access to unlimited travel for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
  • 100 Yen Stores – The 100 yen store is the equivalent of a dollar or pound store. You can buy a multitude of items here. Pick up your souvenir gifts and also stock up on any treats such as crisps or chocolate.
  • Izekayas – If you want a good night out without spending a fortune, an izekaya is the best and most entertaining way to go. On top of that you’ll get a taste of real Japanese culture in action and see the locals really let their hair down as they socialize outside the rigidity of their normal business lives.
  • Capsule Hotel – Capsule hotels are a great way to save money – particularly if you’re a guy. Why guys? Many hotels are still men only, although there are some that now allow women too. Average cost in Tokyo is around 3,000 to 5,000 yen per night. This is approximately 15 – 25 pounds or 28 – 47 US dollars.
  • Business Hotel – Some hotels are known as business hotels as they do not have the same luxury of space as some of the bigger chains. If you don’t fancy staying in a capsule hotel you should consider the business hotel alternative. Prices usually start from around 7,000 yen and go to 15,000 yen per night.
  • Museums – It’s worth including some museums on your itinerary as they are not expensive in Japan compared to many other countries. Some are even free! Choose from science, history, art or technology museums and more.
  • Kaiten-Zushi – Sit at a revolving conveyor belt and eat to your hearts content. Notice that there are normally 4 or 5 different colors of plate. The reason is that each color is a different price. Check how much they are and pick the ones that match your budget. Keep each plate after eating and then add them up for your bill.
  • Noodles and Ramen – Stand up with the locals and enjoy a delicious bowl of noodles or ramen at one of the many restaurants dotted around. Find them either inside, or in close proximity to, both subway and overland train stations.
  • Lunch – At lunchtimes take advantage of the range of set menus that are available, both Japanese and international. Many places in the center of Tokyo offer an all you can eat option for 1,000 yen – 5 pounds or 10 US dollars.
  • Want to know more about the city of Tokyo. Check out the link below.

    Expedia Flight Discount Code Overview – All You Need to Know About Travel Deals & Savings

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    Habu to Genkotsu: Japanese Movie Magic Thailand Style

    In May of 2005, Kurokoboshi took time out of his Tokyo hustle to film a movie in Bang Pong, Thailand. The following is an excerpt from the American-ex-patriate-Tokyo-dweller's thoughts on making movies in the hinterlands of Thailand.


    I had the opportunity to act in a Japanese film entitled Habu to Genkotsu that was being shot in the Thailand countryside. It all started with a phone call from my friend Schon. He got an offer to do a movie in Thailand, but couldn't take it. He wanted to know if I was interested. Always ready to add another chapter to my life's story, I agreed. I had never been to Thailand. I had heard many stories about Thailand and experienced many situations vicariously through friends, and now it was time for me to share my experiences.

    Before leaving I met the directors, producers, and writers of the film I was going to appear in. I was impressed by what I heard. The film is based on a true story about an Okinawan sansen (3 stringed guitar) player named Ryo and his experiences growing up in Okinawa in 1968. Ryo meets an American military solider named George, and they discover that they have more similarities than differences. The atmosphere of the film is heavily charged with discrimination and prejudice- Okinawans and Japanese (yes there is a difference-big difference in fact), US military and Japanese / Okinawans, officers and enlisted soldiers- and takes place with echoes of the civil rights movement lingering in the backdrop. I finished my gig on the Joint One Radio Show on Monday as the Kurokobushi and had three days before shooting to discover who this George was and time warp to 1968.

    Day 1

    I left my home at 7am for Narita Airport, just before the morning rush. I grabbed my last bite of Japanese food for two weeks, boarded Thai Airlines Flight # 647 and arrived in Thailand. Airports can be very deceiving. They make you think everything is okay and then you enter the real world. Outside the airport I saw my first glimpse of Japanese capitalism, a Family Mart (convenience store) and add it to the American capitalism glimpse (KFC) I noted earlier. Paul (our driver) rolled up in a mega van and it was off to the hotel in Bang Pong, our filming location. Paul spoke a little English so I drilled him for some heads up Thai. We arrived at the hotel about two hours later and I had dinner with the actors. Everyone was great especially Shogen (who is playing the part of Ryo) and Mitsuki. The hotel room had HBO Asia, but I needed internet access to see if the Spurs won game 7.

    Day 2

    Got up early and went for a morning walk. Traffic in Thailand is like a free for all, with few lights and tons of scooters. I had breakfast in the hotel and in the afternoon went to one of the locations were the actors Mitsuki, Shogen, Ishida Eri, and Sai were filming. I couldn't believe how much rural Thailand reminded me of my Grandma's farm in South Carolina. Time has actually stopped in some places. I did the traditional aisatsu (Japanese greeting, bow and small talk) with the directors, and entire staff. Greetings are so important in Japan because it communicates humbleness and respect. Things are on a hierarchy scale so I had to give props to the big fish. I took care of my responsibilities.

    Day 3

    One of the film locations had really bad karma. In one room of the house, the owner kept helmets from dead soldiers of the Vietnam War. Needless to say, everyone filming in that room felt sick and kanashibari (feeling of being bound or held down, but you can't see what's holding you). I met our police protection, a definite necessity when you're in rural Thailand. He was very helpful and even let cast members ride his motorcycle. Kai showed me where the internet café was, at last I could reconnect with the world and find out who won the NBA Championship. We stayed at the internet café for 3 hours and it cost 45 cents. And the Spurs won, life is good.

    Day 5

    I rehearsed my first scene with Shogen and the director really liked it. But there was one small problem, George smokes and I don't. It's funny because Shogen didn't smoke before the movie either, but through out the day I see him smoking more and more. I practiced all night, trying to decide how George would hold his cigarette. Maybe old school like Billy Dee in Lady Sings the Blues, long drawn out puffs with that right mix of sophistication and class; or like Larenz Tate in Love Jones, where the cigarette never leaves the mouth. It just dangles like a conductor's baton moving in sync with each word. No, I got it. Denzel Washington in Devil in Blue Dress, a southern pace, not too slow not too fast.

    Day 7

    We headed back to the hotel and everyone wanted to have lunch in the open market near our shooting location. This was my first time visiting an open market and I had no idea what to expect. My only images of open markets were of old school James Bond movies. Reality was a little different. Now, I consider myself to be a brave individual, but the open market was too much. I try to eat as little meat as possible and this situation was strictly unsanitary. Important note: I was a member of the fortunate few that did not have any major stomach pains during the trip. I passed on lunch and went in search of fruit. I found a fruit juice stand and ordered a watermelon juice (hold the flies and bees). Here's another small piece of advice, watch the vendor. He put ajinomoto (MSG) in my fruit juice. Yes, there was also an incident at the hotel where they put salt in the orange juice. It's best to ask before you order.

    Day 8

    It's George's debut and I'm up early to eat breakfast at the hotel. The staff was nice and they helped me with my Thai. Departure time was 10am. We were the 3rd out of 4 scenes being shot. When we arrived at the location, Ishida Eri was finishing up her scene and everyone was preparing for the second scene. I practiced my lines with Shogen and become George. It's kind of weird, but all of the film crew call you by your character's name, not your real name. We had lunch after the second scene and I prepared for my debut. The assistant director announced my appearance on the set. I felt like royalty. We did a couple of rehearsals and then it was time for honban (recording).

    Day 11

    Another sunrise in Thailand and a new challenge. This time 5 cast members and I are off to see the bridge over the river Kwaii, the bridge not the movie. I learned a lot about the Vietnam War and WWII during the trip. For the record, the place is an official tourist trap. The bridge was a little disappointing, but very scary. There are no sidewalks on the bridge, just railroad ties and track. People and trains are crossing the bridge at the same time. It's survival of the fittest. As for the bridge itself, I was expecting something bigger, as a kid I visited the Royal Gorge, and have become familiar with Japan Rainbow Bridge and Bay Bridge in Japan. This was relatively small. Oddly enough, we never crossed the bridge; we took some pictures, saw some foreigners, bought some souvenirs, and prayed for peace.

    Day 14

    Time came for me to leave. Shooting had wrapped up and the production lights were turned off. The two weeks in Thailand went by too fast but I had a wonderful time. The people were friendly and scenery was fantastic. Thailand is a melting pot of different religions and the traffic is insane. Here's a little bit of inside info from me to you. Bangkok's real name is Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthrayutthaya Maha Dilokphop Nophrarat Ratchathani Burir On Udom Batchaniwet Maha Sathan Amon Phiman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit. It means the city is large like the city of angels, the city houses the emerald Buddha and …

    Keep growing,


    The Guggenheim Museum: The Jewel in New York's Artistic Crown

    The image of New York in art and popular culture has long been cemented as one of timeless universality. In the world of painting and photography, among a host of other art forms, New York has been one of the central muses of the art world: from the controversy over Diego Rivera's Man at the Crossroads mural in the Rockefeller Center in 1936, to Jonathan Hyman's post-9/11 photography exhibitions, art has been an important component of the shaping of New York. Amidst its host of world-renowned galleries are the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), The Metropolitan Museum and, perhaps most interestingly, the Guggenheim Museum.

    In terms of both its art and architecture, the Guggenheim is one of New York's most interesting landmarks; as such, it's an essential stop-off point for any culture vulture in the city. Originally established in 1937 as "The Museum of Non-Objective Painting" the Guggenheim was established with the primary aim of showcasing the work of early modernists; to this day the museum continues to maintain ongoing exhibits of the art of Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock. Its more recent exhibitions have included eclectic collections: Robert Mapplethorpe and the Classical Traditions, the work of Iraqi-born artists Zaha Hadid and an exhibition of photos showing sculptor David Smith at work.

    This wide-ranging selection of exhibits simply proves that while the Guggenheim still adheres to its primary principle of showcasing early modernist art, it also goes a long way in championing post-modern art. Moreover, the Guggenheim has also played host to a distinct selection of commercial art by including seasons of motorcycle exhibitions, as well as a display of Giorgio Armani suits.

    The Guggenheim is not only notable for its excellent art collections, but also for its fundamental architectural beauty. Located at the corner of 89th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan, the Guggenheim museum was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most influential American architects of the early twentieth century, whose works also include the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Hollyhock House in LA and the Illinois mile-high tower in Chicago. Wright's avant-garde design was devised for the specific purpose of making the Metropolitan Museum of Art resemble "a Protestant barn". Looking somewhat like a coiled-up white ribbon, the building was widely reviled at the time of its establishment, but is now generally recognized as one of the defining features of New York's diverse architectural landscape.

    New York's Guggenheim Museum is part of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, a non-profit body founded in 1937 by philanthropist Solomon R. Guggenheim and artist Hilla von Rebay. Since the foundation of this original Guggenheim Museum in New York the organization has gone on to open up other Guggenheims across the world. Today, Guggenheim Museums can be found in Bilbao, Berlin, Venice and Las Vegas. Many cultural tourists who are intent on soaking up the delights of the art world across the globe embark on world tours visiting each Guggenheim Museum in turn. Taking advantage of air miles and reward schemes like the Hilton Honors rewards system can makes this sort of round-the-world travel easier – and less expensive – than many might think. So art fans yearning to travel will find that they can visit each Guggenheim Museum in turn without busting their bank balance.

    Dubai Hotels – Dubai Accommodation

    Dubai -'Pearl of the Arabian Gulf ', Known to be one of the most fast growing cities in the world, Dubai has its share of tourists and visitors which is growing in number every year. The economic growth has been phenomenal here, owing to which many international hotels have set up branches here. A city which is a good blend of modernity and history has within its boundaries a multitude of star hotels.

    According to statistics, an all-time record 6.5 million guests stayed in Dubai hotels in 2006 and there was a 6.9% increase in hotel rooms and apartment occupancy during the same year. Dubai scored a world record when its hotel establishments recorded the highest occupancy and revenues in the month of January 2007, leaving behind Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo and London in occupancy levels.

    Hotels in Dubai are much sought after, and all of them come with superb facilities and amenities. Many of the Dubai Hotels are spread across Deira and Bur Dubai. There are also a good number of hotels located in Dubai Marina, an area boasting of good tourist as well as business connections. Additionally, a plethora of superb business hotels can be found in the modern business areas of Dubai, such as Sheikh Zayed Road. However, many of the famous luxury hotels are located in Jumeirah beach area. Some of the unique traits of majority of the Dubai hotels are authenticity, luxury, and exceptionality.

    A destination spot for holiday travelers to Dubai growing in popularity is the Burj-al-Arab, the first seven-star hotel is probably the greatest of all luxury hotels in Dubai. Acknowledged as the 'Tower of Arabs', consists of 28 stories, each of which is noted for their unique architecture and superb views. Further, it boasts of the tallest atrium in the world, which measures about 600 ft. The hotel's facilities, among many others, are 202 suites equipped with superb facilities, five restaurants serving sophisticated dining menu round the clock, four bars, and sophisticated spa facilities.

    Other best hotels in Dubai are Admiral Plaza Hotel, Al Jawhara Apartments Hotel, Arabian Courtyard Bur Dubai Hotel, Metropolitan Palace Dubai Hotel, Hawthorn Deira Hotel, Taj Palace Dubai Hotel, and York International Hotel.

    Finally it is important that you find hotels in the Dubai of that are affordable for your holiday budget. Take the time to compare the rates of several hotels and other types of lodging accommodations. Holiday apartments in and the villas in the sea cave area of ​​are two additional lodging options available to people on holiday to the Dubai. By comparing rates and services, you can ensure you get the features you need in a hotel with a price tag that you can afford.

    Top Five Most Luxurious Cities

    Luxury is certainly in the eye of the beholder. We typically think of Paris with its decadent food and London with its culture as the epitome of luxury and ease, and while these are premier destinations for travelers all over the world, there are many more jewels that offer deluxe accommodations, five-star restaurants, and a host of lavish services and shopping opportunities that cater to the rich and famous – or just the rich. When you find yourself in need of opulence and grandeur and pampering, the following cities will graciously reveal their treasures.

    Ledbury Research released a report naming Tokyo as the world's most luxurious city. Japan's largest city manages to retain a hint of Oriental mystique while offering thoroughly contemporary opportunities to travelers. Visit Kabuki theaters, bathe in Tokyo's famed hot springs, tour world class art museums, or shop at Ginza, Japan's most high-end department stores. There is no end to the beauty and intrigue you will find in Tokyo.

    Seoul is another Asian city which brings historic culture, modernity, and luxury to visitors. The capital of North Korea, Seoul offers unparalleled hospitality and elegance. Stay at the luxurious Westin Chosun Hotel, breathing in soothing white tea and geranium, and take a short walk to Downtown Seoul's upscale shopping districts. Stroll through the Gyeongbokgung Palace or experience the surreal DMZ, with North Korea's soldiers on the far side of the demilitarized zone, a place where, one tourist says, "peace meets war."

    Leaving Asia, we travel to the Middle East's most luxurious city, Dubai. There is no shortage of five-star hotels, and the Burj Al Arab Hotel is in a class of its own. Savor the gorgeous views of the Arabian Gulf from the spacious suites, and experience the blend of ancient culture with contemporary flair. Dubai is not only a luxury destination, it is friendly and virtually without crime. A beautiful experience awaits.

    From Dubai's desert oasis to the jewel of the Caribbean: Antigua is where the world billionaires go to relax on white sandy beaches and gaze at water that is so blue, it is impossible to look away. Dive, sail, and cruise the waters of this beloved retreat. Do not leave without experiencing the SubCat Antigua Underwater Adventure; a submarine takes you under the water to see exotic fish and coral reef like you've never seen them.

    Finally, there is no city like the Big Apple. Both refined and gritty, sophisticated and raw, New York City is an experience that luxury travelers will never forget, with world class accommodations, an unbelievable array of restaurants and culture attractions, and some of the very best shopping in the world. What can you do in New York? The list is far too long. What can't you do? Absolutely nothing.

    Luxury can be found in cold mountain resorts or steamy tropical cities; above all, it is found when you look and appreciate the charm of a culture and its offerings.

    Discount Hotel Reservation Packages Provide Cheap Hotels

    Discount hotel reservations packages provide cheap hotels located in various parts of the world. The deals offer discount rates on room bookings which are suitable for people traveling within a strict budget. These hotels offer all basic amenities including beds, lighting, and bathrooms and so on.

    Discount hotel reservation deals are available online and this facility proves to be helpful for all visitors. Information about discount hotels in the prominent tourist destinations like Tokyo, USA, Las Vegas and so on helps travelers to choose lodging options according to their requirements and budget.

    For your ideal destination and for your perfect vacation, hotels discount worldwide may be available approximately on 20% to 70% lower prices based on rack rate, as well as the advantage of no reservation costs. Without a doubt, such discounts are music to your ears. Do they sound too good to be true? Well, they are true, insofar as you are careful about booking your room in a reasonable advance time period.

    We all know that the most advantageous deals come when you settle them ahead. When you choose a destination, you probably also dwell on the possibility of saving money. For this purpose, you have the chance of choosing from an array of discount hotels offers. First, you must establish your check-in date and your checkout date. Then you should search for available discount hotels worldwide. Of course it must depend on your travel destination and location.

    Whenever you go for the trip, some primary essential things fix your expenses … such as flight, food, entertainment which includes tickets, nightlife, etc. and accommodation. Thus, booking with discount hotels, you diminish significantly the accommodation costs. By booking online, you also can make your vacation cheaper. You can make a reservation before your holiday begins and you will find great rates and better availability. You can pay using any method you like … credit card, online transactions, and so on.

    You should keep in your mind the criteria of cataloging discount hotels worldwide. Such criteria include the number of stars, which usually indicate the conveniences the hotel is offering: airport shuttle, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, family rooms, Internet services, outdoor swimming pool, parking (fee required), non-smoking rooms, and so on. You should also consider the distance from the airport, as well as the number of nearby tourist objectives. Other criteria such as groups, solo traveler, couple, and family with children should also form the object of your careful consideration when you think about selecting accommodation in one of the discount hotels worldwide.

    Sites to See in Japan – Tokyo Tower

    Tokyo Tower has been the single most identifiable landmark structure in Japan for decades, and is the main destination for millions of travelers and sight seekers from around the world. The tower doubles as an antenna for radio and television stations and is home to Foot Town, an entertainment complex with restaurants and museums. From the top of this tower you can enjoy a 360 degree view of Tokyo and that's it.

    I am not writing this article to sound like a guidebook, so I decided to skip the niceties over how large and how old this tower is. It's just a tower. The real reason to visit here is because of the surrounding areas. It's about what to do before or after visiting this large tower that makes it worth your while. Tokyo Tower is best enjoyed when looking at it, not from it. Everybody who's lived here in Japan shares this sentiment.

    In order to be fair to my reader though, I will highlight one place you need to visit in the tower. That place is called Foot Town, just underneath the Tokyo Tower, you can enjoy the aquarium gallery, the souvenir shop, dozens of fast food restaurants. There's even a soba shop and a game corner. Four floors of fun for the whole family. You could definitely spent an entire evening here.

    Now, for those that want to enjoy Tokyo Tower from a different perspective then I highly recommend heading over to The Prince Park Tower Hotel. There's a bar on the 33 Floor called the Sky Lounge Stellar Garden that boasts commanding views of the Tokyo Skyline and the Tokyo Tower. In the afternoon you can enjoy a champagne lunch by the window and take in views of the tower, or at night with the tower lit up. Champagne and Tokyo Tower all lit up is truly an epic experience.

    Opening Hours

    17:00 – 2:00 (Last Order 1:30)
    Day Preceding Holiday
    15:00 – 2:00 (Last Order 1:30)
    15:00 – 24:00 (Last Order 23:30)

    Zojo-ji Temple is located in Shiba Park, exactly the same place as the tower, and from here you can capture unforgettable images of this old Buddhist Temple with Tokyo Tower in the background. A good time to visit would be on December 31st. when the whole tower is lit up in green and red. Thousands of visitors and locals snap up photos of this beautiful temple which blends modernity with traditional architecture.

    Shiba Park is a beautifully designed Japanese style park with views of the tower, and offers the visitor a beautiful perspective on the tower and the temple together that often found in picture post cards of Minato-ku. This park is also a famous dating spot in the evening for young couples. The whole mood imbues the Tokyo mystique.

    Getting here is quite simple. You can take the Tokyo subway to Azabu-Juban and walk, or sign up for a tour of Tokyo and have someone escort you around. If you want you can also rent bicycles for the afternoon and get a little exercise in while enjoying a bit of history. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line. There is something for everybody here at Tokyo Tower.

    Japan's Rakuten Travel Hotel Reservation Review

    Japan ranks as one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit. For travelers planning a trip to Japan they will certainly notice how expensive hotel costs are over there. But you can easily find more affordable and even budget hotels and charming Ryokans (guesthouses) in Japan if you know which company to choose to book online for Japanese hotels.

    Rakuten Travel Inc. is one such company where you can find discounted hotel rates in most of Japan. These days almost everyone makes their own travel reservations through Internet travel agencies. And they will usually head for the most well known companies out there with names like Priceline.com or Travelocity.com. But you won't find the best room rates through their services. Though they are reputable companies they do not specialize in any region and their reservation services are too general and not focused on the Asian hotel market.

    While Rakuten only deals with hotels and hotels only. So whether you need an affordable business hotel in Kyoto or a rustic Ryokan in Osaka, you will find that their services are much more specialized.

    Since Rakuten Travel specifically connects travelers with Japan's hotel market they are able to offer up to date low hotel rates through the 24,000 accommodation listings in the country. With so many choices of lodging Rakuten makes it easy for travelers to find the right lodging that fits their budgetary needs.

    They are also able to provide hotel reservation services in China, Korea and Southeast Asia, in all a total of 47,000 hotels. Though their rates for those regions are not as competitive but certainly worth checking through for price comparisons.

    Is Rakuten Travel's a reliable hotel agency?

    Rakuten (established in 2002) operates the country largest online hotel reservation website with 200 employees. They are also a publicly traded company on the Japanese stock market. With offices in Tokyo and Osaka, Rakuten is closely linked with the country's hotel industry. They handle almost 2 million hotel bookings per month. Today they are partnered with All Nippon Airways to simplify travel planning to Japan.

    How does Rakuten offer better rates than book hotel directly?

    Hotel reservation agencies like Rakuten are hotel room wholesalers. Since they have a much wider presence on the Internet than any specific hotel they are more easily found by travelers planning a trip to Japan. Since hotels, whether small or big, knows that Rakuten can provide their property a greater presence on the Internet they partner themselves with Rakuten, by offering significantly discounted room rates to them. So whenever you book a room through their website you will receive those discounts as well.

    Redecorate My Bedroom With A New Theme

    So are you tired of looking at the same dull room every day? You want something that is new and fresh and will keep you in a peaceful and tranquil state of mind. There are many themes if you have been saying or thinking "I want to redecorate my bedroom ." These themes are the basic themes for a bedroom but there are many more themes you can choose from. The theme you choose will solely depend on your own style, tastes, and subsequently your budget.

    Traditional themed bedrooms are great for people who like the traditional style of things. These bedrooms consist of very dark woods and subtle colors. You may choose to have wallpaper on your walls or choose a very calming and neutral wall paint color. Traditional themed rooms look great with sleigh beds or canopy beds. These types of beds really bring out the traditionalism of the room and give it the look you are searching for. Also, if you do not care for carpeting in your bedroom, hardwood floors will make your traditional themed bedroom stand out even more.

    Modern themed bedrooms are also a great choice for a new bedroom design. Modern bedrooms utilize very clean and sleek lines. They are very minimalistic and have a calming effect due to the organization and lack of clutter. Platform beds are very popular with modern bedrooms. These bedrooms make use of stainless steel and glass. You can also find a variety of shapes for furniture and accessories that will fit into anyone's eclectic tastes.

    Ethnic themed bedrooms are also a great trend that many people are using for their rooms. Ethnic bedrooms can differ from a variety of cultures. Some people love the look of Asian inspired bedrooms. These bedrooms are utilizing traditional Asian inspired furniture and accessories to make their bedroom look like something out of a top star Tokyo hotel. You may also like to use other ethnic themes such as African or Middle Eastern cultural pieces for the feel that you want.

    Now that you have learned about the different themes you should have now problems picking a theme. You can now say I will redecorate my bedroom this year and give yourself a much needed gift. It will be the gift of piece and there is nothing like a gift to yourself, especially if that gift will involve where you will get the most rest and relaxation.

    Top 10 Beer Gardens in Tokyo

    Below are 10 of the best in Tokyo.

    1) Sekirei in Shinanomachi.

    – Sekirei is set outside on a beautifully manicured lawn. You can relax in an armchair and rest your ice cold beer on one of the wooden tables which are under the manicured pine trees.

    2) Takao Mount

    – If you are looking for something with a view then Takao Mount is a great place to go. Providing you with a panoramic view of Tokyo and Yokohama, this place is also an adventure to get to. It is accessible via a 6 minute scenic cable car ride from Kyotaki Cable Car Station which is 3 minutes walk from Keio Takaosan Guchi station.

    3) Kudan Kaikan

    – Built in 1930, Kudan Kaikan, which in addition to having a beer garden also serves as a hotel and is a popular place for wedding ceremonies. It used to be a meeting and lodging facility for the Japanese military.

    4) Tokyo Harbor Brewery

    – If you want to be near water, then Tokyo Harbor Brewery is a great place to go. This is a bayside micro-brewery in central Tokyo which also has great food (and big servings)!

    5) Mori Beer Garden

    – Located around Meiji Shrine's Outer Garden, they have a seating capacity of 1,000 people

    6) Ginza Matsuya Rooftop

    – Enjoy a beer on the rooftop of the Matsuya Department Store which overlooks the Sumida river.

    7) Sunset Beach Brewing Company

    – Located near Odaiba Kaihin Koen station, this Italian restaurant doubles as a beer garden. There is a waterfront terrace which gives you a nice view of Rainbow Bridge.

    8) Tokyo Sanuki

    9) Keio Asahi Sky

    – Keio Asahi Sky Beer Garden is one one of the most popular beer gardens in central Tokyo with all you can drink prices at around 3,500 yen.

    10) Tokyo Midtown Garden Cafe

    – This open air garden is located in the swish Midtown district in Roppongi.